Sunday, July 13, 2008

last week's handout

Just in case you didn't get one or misplaced the one you had, here is a copy of the handout from last week:

meat eaters’ crash course week 1

Bible Study Methods: Observation
The first step in inductive Bible study is observation. In this step, you’ve got to ask yourself, “What do I see?” To answer the question, you must force yourself to move beyond physical sight. You need to move to the level of being aware, of perceiving, of being completely saturated with the details of the passage. In a sense, you have to ask many smaller questions in order to answer the bigger one, “What do I see?” So here are some questions to help prime the observation pump.

Who is writing or speaking?
To whom is he writing or speaking?
What is their relationship?
Where is the action or writing taking place?
When is it taking place?
What do the words he chose to use mean?
Are there parallels? Comparisons? Contrasts? Repetitions?
Are there words that signify cause and effect, sequence, purpose,
What are the verb tenses used – past, present, future,
Is there a chronological order?
What about negatives, positives, prohibitions, commands,

For week 2:
Make as many observations as you can – 100 minimum – on Ephesians 6:10-20, using the helps above to get you started. We’ll talk about those together at our next meeting, and also move on to interpreting the passage to get really what the author’s point is.

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