Saturday, June 14, 2008

spike's at six

Before our first meeting on July 8, we'll be chillin' at Spike's Junkyard Dogs (allegedly the World's Best Hot Dogs), 6:00 pm EST. Here's Spike's menu.

Spike's is on lively Thayer Street, where parking is rare. So we'll meet at the Judson House and from there walk to dinner.

You can find directions to the Judson House in the last post.


christiaan said...

Thank you Andrew for all the hard work in putting this blogsite together and for organizing this biblestudy. I really look forward to tomorrow night's study and "fellowshipping" with all of you. See you tomorrow!
In Him,

christiaan said...

Awesome Bible study tonight. Thanks you guys. Thanks for all the comments, the discussion and the observations of the passage. Good luck with the homework this week. Look forward to seeing you all next week. God bless!